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EpiCamera Usage

EpiCamera is a global service that helps you monitoring your home, your family, and your business by using IP cameras or any off-the-shelf webcams. We strive to provide the best hosting solution to our users by ensuring our services are simple, affordable and secure.

For Office Users
Retail Surveillance Solution
The retail industry is facing tough challenges. Theft and inventory shrinkage are obvious causes of lost profit that were traditionally fought with surveillance systems. An IP-based video surveillance system provides a way to capture and distribute videos over various kinds of IP network.

With an Internet connection, shop owners, managers and security experts can comfortably monitor multiple shopping stores from their computer/smartphone. For convenience and security, it is recommended that the recordings are stored in the EpiCamera Cloud Storage System, which is highly secured and difficult to be tempered with.
Visual Office Monitoring
In building a secure business office environment, a company needs an efficiently implemented video surveillance system besides other protection and prevention. A loosely guarded office is vulnerable to break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other unwanted incidents plus high-value equipments, such as computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines, make the office appealing to criminals.

Apart from protecting the company's assets, monitoring of staff activities is also an important concern for most bosses. The EpiCamera Cloud Storage Service makes it possible for you to monitor your working staff through web access while you are away from the office. So now, not only will your office be monitored for security after hours, you'll also be able to monitor your staff's activities during working hours.
Outstation Observations
With auto-record, you can check your office premises any time even when you’re on vacation and be alerted instantly with the motion alert function in case of emergency i.e. break-in or robbery.
Intruders Detection
EpiCamera can transform any IP or webcam into an intruder detection camera. Should an intrusion be detected, EpiCamera can send captured images automatically to your email. Users can opt to have the motion detection system turn off automatically at a certain time, for example, when you know someone is at the office. These motion detection features also come in handy, letting you know when your staff have entered the office, to work or to have a meeting/discussion and so on.
For Home Users
For Elderly Care
Caring for the elderly is not a walk in the park for working children, even more so when there are disabilities involved. The safety and needs of the elderly are priority especially when their children could be around to supervise and in cases where they live far away, or staying in a nursing or retirement home. In situations like these, placing cameras in common areas such as the living room or the dining hall, while being mindful of their privacy is an excellent way to keep the situation of the elderly in check while the children are away.
Pets Observation
Lets face it, to some of us, our pets are like our children, and similarly, it pains some of us to have to leave them at home alone for long hours. With EpiCamera, you can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pet is safe and sound by checking up on them remotely. EpiCamera makes a perfect pet-surveillance system!
As a Nanny-Cam
EpiCamera enables users to supervise their children at home who are under the care of professional nanny, babysitter or grandparents. You can use EpiCamera's Auto-Record feature to record footages from your children's rooms all day or just for the duration while you're away. If your children are schooling, you may also use EpiCamera's motion detection features to receive alerts when they arrive home.
Maid Supervising
As society progresses, it is becoming increasingly common for both parents to be working and giving rise to a whole new set of problems unique to today’s parents. For families with maids, EpiCamera can be used to monitor their activities while you are at work.
How EpiCamera Works
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