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EpiCamera Pricing

Pricing of EpiCamera is made straightforward with no hidden charges and shocking bills. Learn how to calculate your EpiCamera cost easily using this formula and all purchase of EpiCamera service is postpaid according to your billing cycle.

Calculation: A + B = C

[Solution Pack/camera @USD4 x Qty of camera x Billing Cycle]


[Additional Space Storage @USD3/GB per month x Billing Cycle]


Total EpiCamera System Price

The 3 scenarios provided below are for you to understand how to calculate the EpiCamera pricing.
Any question pertaining pricing, email it to info@epicamera.com

Scenario 1

1. 15 Cameras for 6 months
2. Additional 5GB/month for 6 months

[USD4 x 15 x 6] + [USD3 x 5GB x 6] = USD360 + USD90
Total Cost = USD450

What will you get? [500MB x 15 cameras]+[5GB] = 12.5GB of storage space per month for 6 months

Scenario 2

1. 30 Cameras for 3 months
2. Additional 0GB/month

[USD4 x 30 x 3] + [USD3 x 0GB] = USD360 + USD0
Total Cost = USD360

What will you get? [500MB x 30 cameras]+[0GB] = 15GB of storage space per month for 3 months

Scenario 3

1. 2 Cameras for 12 months
2. Additional 2GB/month for 12 months

[USD4 x 2 x 12] + [USD3 x 2GB x 12] = USD96+ USD72
Total Cost = USD168

What will you get? [500MB x 2 cameras]+[2GB] = 3GB of storage space per month for a year

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